Why are my malic acid results not what I expected?

How to troubleshoot malic acid result issues

Malic Issues

Possible cause one:

Incorrect dilution.
Ensure you are conducting the sample dilution step correctly. The dilution should be conducted with a volumetric pipette, and always follow a 1:4 dilution ratio with the Sentia™ malic acid buffer. The analysis should be conducted within 30 minutes of diluting the sample.

For further information on how to perform a malic acid dilution, please read our Guide to sample preparation for Sentia analysis or watch Preparing Diluted Samples for Sentia Analysis

Possible cause two:
The malic acid buffer and/or strips are out of date or have been compromised. Ensure that they are in date and have been stored correctly (2°C - 8°C/35.6°F - 46.4°F, with lids closed).

Use test strips within 10 minutes of removal from vial.

Possible cause three:
The customer is running on an old version of software which is no longer compatible for malic acid analysis. See our current software version here.

Customers can check their current software by navigating to Settings > About > Analyzer Information. The software version number is listed under “version”.

Malic Acid Support

Possible cause four:

Your reference method data is incorrect, as opposed to your Sentia data.  Recheck your reference method result, and/or employ a different check method for comparisons.