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What is the Sentia Result QR code for?

The Sentia Result QR code provides the test result information in a format that can be easily read by third-party applications.

Sentia test result data is provided in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file format for easier export to third-party software.

To view the QR Code:

1. Press the QR code icon located on the bottom right of the Sentia Result screen (new or historical).

2. Scan the QR code with your third-party application.

4. To exit, touch the return arrow icon

Example of a JSON message format for a Single Assay test:

{"Vsn":"0201","Mfg":"UBS","Mdl":"A0295","DSn":"000032","Svn":"","TTI":7,"TId":27,"TDt":"2022-04-08","SI1":"S-12091","SX1":"2024-05-24","SL1": 402456,"ST1":7,"RDT":"20.0","RUT":"mg/L","Cmt":"Free SO2 Assay without Error"}


Note: full specifications for the QR code available upon request.