How do I prepare a wine sample for fructose analysis?

A step-by-step guide for analyzing fructose on the Sentia™

To test for fructose on the Sentia you will need to dilute your sample 1:4 (1 part wine: 4 parts fructose buffer).  

Equipment and solutions required:

  • Sample (wine)
  • Sentia Fructose Buffer (diluent)*
  • 1 x small, clean vial 
  • Micropipette
  • 2 x clean micropipette tips

Dilution instructions:

1. Using a micropipette with clean tip, accurately pipette 400µl (your 4-parts) Sentia™ fructose buffer into a clean vial.

2. Dispose of the used tip and replace.

3. Accurately pipette 100 µl (your 1-part) wine sample to same vial.

(Note: some samples may require a pre-degas step if highly carbonated)

4. Dispose of pipette tip.

6. Cap vial and gently shake to mix

7. You now have a diluted wine sample ready to use. (Note: samples can be diluted for up to 30 minutes prior to testing)

8. Dispose of waste wine and buffer solutions down the sink with running water.

* Alternative buffers should NOT be used.  Please also refrain from combining buffer solutions from different bottles to avoid changes in the buffer concentration and check expiry dates before use.

For further information on how to perform a fructose dilution, please read our Guide to sample preparation for Sentia analysis or watch Preparing Diluted Samples for Sentia Analysis