How do I degas a highly carbonated sample?

Sentia™ degassing instructions

Like many analysis methods, highly carbonated samples may require a simple degassing step prior to testing.

The sample should be placed into a small container and shaken vigorously for ≥ 10 seconds to displace gas. Ensure that the sample container is only filled up part way to allow for sufficient agitation.   

Consider further degassing measures if results are not as expected. *

Note: It is NOT recommended to degas samples prior to free sulfur dioxide (FSO₂) analysis.  Highly carbonated samples are not suitable for FSO₂ testing on the Sentia.

* Alternative degassing options that you could employ:

1. A tap/swirl of the sample in a wine glass or Erlenmeyer flask.

2. Gravity-based filtration of the sample with Whatman's filter paper (or coffee filter paper).

3. Sonication of the sample in a sonicator bath (~5-10 mins).